Vince V1 Sunline, Black KTM Brembo Clutch Lever (07-13)

Vince V1 Sunline, Black KTM Brembo Clutch Lever (07-13)

Sunline - V1 Forged Flex Clutch Lever (KTM)

InVINCEible technology - Covered by patent 6,047,611. No other lever has this level of technology in it. No cables to break, just good solid hardware.
Introducing MDX - You don't crash in one direction, why should your lever bend in one? The new V-1 MDX is not a flex lever. The new V-1 uses the new multi-directional or MDX platform. Like no other lever before it, the V-1 MDX moves forward, up and down. Eliminating the need for expensive, complicated perches. MDX, because you don't crash in one direction.
Guaranteed - We will back every V-1 MDX lever with an unprecedented five year warrantee.
The inspiration Vince Warren - In the 80's racer and inventor Vince Warren came with the idea of having a lever that would not break and cost him winning a race. Vince passed away before he could see his dream become a reality. Vince's mom determined to see her sons dream come true, kept pursuing the dream to make it happen. Enter Sunline. Over 25 years later, his vision becomes a reality. Named after his likeness, for every V-1 MDX lever sold, a portion of the proceeds go to The Vince Warren estate.
Light - The V-1 MDX lever weighs in at a svelte 123 grams.
Black KTM Brembo (07-13)

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